The Theater For All fund

Benefiting Chicago Public School's most underserved students

“A lot of times, our kids shy away from field trip experiences because they know their parents do not have the money…receiving from the “Theater For All” Fund makes this learning opportunity possible.”

– Mrs. R., Chicago Public School Teacher

Did you know that early access to the arts promotes literacy and vocabulary, encourages expression, and boosts imagination and exploration? Introducing children to the magic of theater can strengthen individual identity and promote independent thinking. Sadly, many Chicago Public School students do not have the opportunity to experience live theater which is why we have created the “Theater For All” Fund.

With many schools cutting funding for arts-related field trips, and many families simply trying to make ends meet, it is increasingly important to offer our quality performances at low or zero cost. Our goal for 2019 is to raise $25,000 which will give us the ability to donate or discount 12,000 theater tickets to Chicago Public School students so they can share in the benefits of live theater.

“I love taking my preschoolers to see your shows! It is something they can’t get enough of! Thank you for your hard work and using the arts to teach my kids valuable life lessons.”

– Ms. Samantha, Preschool Teacher

“Your shows factor perfectly into our existing curriculum…” 

-Ms. H, CPS 1st Grade Teacher

“Being able to share live theater experiences with our students gives them an opportunity they may not get once they leave school.”

-Ms. S, CPS 2nd Grade Teacher

“Thank you for bringing the art of theater to my students lives…”

– Ms. Gianakos, Piper Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

“This is a perfect fit for us! Your shows meet Common Core and WIDA standards for Kindergarten and First Grade learners.”

– Ms. Julie, Kindergarten Teacher

Support The "Theater For All" Fund

By supporting Chicago Kids Company’s “Theater For All” Fund, you are helping us offer affordable, high-quality children’s theater for Chicago Public School’s most underserved students.