Dear Campers and Camp Families, 

It is with a very heavy heart that we are announcing our decision to cancel our Summer Theater Camps for 2020.  Believe me, this decision did not come easily.

I chatted with my partner and co-founder of the company, Jesus Perez, I spoke with the CKC team of Camp Directors, I spoke with many Parents and Campers, and finally decided that in the best interest of safety, we cannot have in-person camps this summer. 

The Covid-19 Virus is still out there, and I cannot guarantee a safe place (with my very high standards) to conduct our camps.  Furthermore, St. Patrick’s High School is not allowing anyone to enter their building this summer, so we would not have a theater to present our final performances. 

We discussed having “virtual” camps, but in the end, decided that this is not what we do.  There are so many great options for online camps out there this summer…we hope you take advantage of these great opportunities. (Please contact me if you need a recommendation).

I completely understand how sad this news is.  But it’s only one Summer!  We fully intend to return in 2021 with our fantastic theater camps. 

Stay safe, take care, and have a great Summer!

Paige Coffman, Executive Director

questions? LEt's chat! (773) 205-9600