Handmade CKC Masks by Jesus Perez
Thank you for your interest in our handmade masks! 100% of your sugggested donation of $10 per mask will go toward helping continue Chicago Kids Company's mission of bringing the joy of live theater to children all across Chicagoland. Please fill out the form below and then click submit. On the following page you will receive a link to make you donation. Thank you!!!

Mask Details

Please use number values 0-100
Please use number values 0-100
You may consider leaving a note for each mask you order (ie. Adult Mask #1 - blue/green, Child Mask #1 - princess preferred - loves purple, Child Mask #2 - green)


You may wish to off-set the cost of shipping when making a donation to Chicago Kids Company. It typically costs $3.80 to ship 1-5 masks. Please complete the following if you would like for your masks to be mailed.